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Understanding Tips About Pouring Concrete Can Make Your Job Easier.

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With access to many tips and details on a great variety of important topics, you can talk to any of our experts about the most effective way to mix, cure, and order concrete. You can rely on us to answer any questions or diagnose any problems you may encounter while on the job. Below, you can find a few critical topics for any concrete contractor.

Step By Step Advice For Success

Adding water to concrete at the job site

  • Adding one gallon of water per yard, beyond the required amount in a mix design, decreases compressive strength 150-200 psi, wastes about 1/4 bag of cement, and increases shrinkage by 10%.
  • The purchaser assumes ALL responsibility for excess water, added at the job site.

Curing concrete

  • It is vital to maintain adequate moisture and proper temperatures within concrete, during the early stages of curing, in order to achieve the desired strength.
  • Maintaining moisture can be done by covering concrete with burlap, cotton mats or rugs, straw, damp sand, and sprinkling with water regularly. Be sure the covering does not absorb water from the concrete.
  • Curing compounds can be applied an hour after pouring, as long as there is no bleed water.
  • The temperature of freshly poured concrete should be kept between 50 and 85 degrees F

Ordering concrete

  • Order enough by adding 5-7% overage, depending on the job. Concrete calculators do not account for overage.
  • Have the exact address ready, with landmarks or cross streets.
  • Tell us what you are pouring (i.e., footings, curbs, sidewalks, slabs, walls).
  • Is the order a “Go” (send it, as scheduled) or a “Will Call” (wait until the customer confirms)?
  • Tell us who the paying customer is.
  • Tell us about additives, such as retarder, accelerator, fiber, etc.
  • Let us know, with pleny of advance notice, if a special mix design is needed.
  • Tell us, in advance if it is a tax exempt job and get a tax exempt certificate.
  • If possible, please provide the credit card number when placing the order .
  • Give us the contact information for the person who will be on the job, or the person ordering the concrete.

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